Paying Your Taxes

You won’t save taxes by delaying the filing of your tax return. Extending the filing of your tax return does not extend the date when payment is due. It’s better to file your return, and set up a payment arrangement, if necessary.

Yes, you can! But is it a good idea?We don’t necessarily recommend paying taxes by credit card because the credit card companies charge a convenience fee. And there are other options which may work for you.

See the IRS’ Payments page for more information on accepted methods of payment and associated links.

You can pay by check or money order, or you can make a Direct Debit Payment. You can connect to the IRS’ payment options page, or enroll at EFTPS ONLINE.

Maine Revenue Services doesn’t accept payment by credit card. They do, however, welcome payment by EFT (electronic funds transfer) from your bank account. Their Maine Tax Portal system can be used to pay many types of taxes to the State of Maine.


Some states allow payment by credit card.  Maine is not one of them.

Payments to the state of Maine can be made by check, or set up through their Maine Tax Portal.   For other states, see the IRS Payments page, select the company with which you would like to do business, and click through to find “State Tax Payments.”  This option may be listed under “Other Services.”

Don’t panic.

Both the IRS and Maine Revenue Services can set up payment plans. The IRS directs taxpayers to their article, “What if I can’t pay my taxes?


If you cannot pay the full amount of taxes you owe

You should still file your return by the deadline and pay as much as you can to avoid penalties and interest. You also should contact the IRS to discuss your payment options at 1-800-829-1040. The agency may be able to provide some relief such as a short-term extension to pay, an installment agreement or an offer in compromise, or by temporarily delaying collection by reporting your account as currently not collectible until you are able to pay. In some cases, the agency may be able to waive penalties. However, the agency is unable to waive interest charges which accrue on unpaid tax bills. For more information, see The Collection Process and Tax Payment Options. See the Form 1040 instructions on the About Form 1040 page for additional guidance on filing and paying your taxes.


“What Ifs” for Struggling Taxpayers



There is advice on Maine Revenue Services’ FAQs page, too.

If you are requesting an installment agreement to pay taxes to the state of Maine, you’ll need to contact the Compliance Division at Maine Revenue Services after filing your Maine return.  Their direct telephone number is 207-624-9595.  Neither the IRS or the state is required to approve the installment agreement application. The taxing agency will contact you; they may need for information to determine whether they’ll grant your request.