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We offer professional tax preparation for personal taxes with a 100% accuracy guarantee

Jack Skehan & Associates prides itself in preparing your tax return with a personal touch, whether you’re filing single, married or head of household. We triple check every return for accuracy and provide our Accuracy Guarantee at no additional cost to you. Our rates are in direct relation to the complexity of each return and are based on a combination of a per form fee and time, making us very competitive with other quality tax professionals and the national tax firms, while lower than most CPA firms. Included with every tax preparation is a one hour no charge tax consultation during our off peak season for all of our clients, as part of the tax preparation engagement. In addition to the form 1040, we prepare Estate (706) and Gift (709), and Fiduciary (1041) (Estate and Trust) returns.

FROM HOME: We make tax preparation possible for those who cannot come to our office. If you live locally, we will pick up your information. If you live outside of our area, we offer telephone or Skype interviews and will guide you through the process of mailing, faxing or emailing all of the necessary paperwork to our trusted tax professionals.

STATE RETURNS: Most of our clients only have a Maine State filing responsibility; however, some clients at one time or another are employed in states other than Maine or change their state of residency, resulting in additional tax filing responsibilities. We have the software for every state that has an income tax and can readily prepare multi-state tax returns.

The Benefits Of Choosing Jack Skehan & Associates:

Our firm’s goal is to provide efficient, expert tax preparation and planning solutions for businesses and individuals. With our full complement of employees we are able to service a continuously growing clientele.

We serve a wide range of individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts, LLCs, and non-profit organizations and are experts in the accounting issues and tax laws that impact our clients. We are dedicated to serving your income tax needs and more as we offer a free one hour complimentary consultation during off-season time for our established clients.


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